Friday, 5 May 2017

Nationwide Blackout in Ghana

A great number of  Ghanaians were left without power the previous evening after an enormous power blackout which influenced "for all intents and purposes all aspects of the nation", as per the leader of the national framework, neighborhood media report.

"There was a surge of energy around 9:40pm the previous evening; we lost numerous generators the nation over," GRIDCo CEO William Amuna revealed to Citi FM.

He told the station that he anticipated that full power would be reestablished by 10am nearby time (10:00 GMT).

Specialists are as yet researching the reason for the power outage, however have recommended it could have been down to a lightning strike.

It was not because of any arranged load-shedding, as indicated by Mr Amuna.

The last across the country power outage, in January 2016, was faulted for a "framework disappointment".

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