Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Kidnappers Killed in Anambra - Graphic Photos

As indicated by the Commissioner of Police in Anambra State, these men (hijackers) raged the famous Lounge 24 Night Club and grabbed the chief, Chidi Ojukwu otherwise known as Odaa Opuo.

Promptly, the ever prepared security agents were cautioned and they trailed the seize suspects to a desolate region in Urum where they occupied with a shoot out, killing two of the suspects on Monday, while the third kept running into the bramble genuinely harmed. Luckily, the casualty was protected unhurt.

This is the second endeavor by these men of the black market to penetrate the exceptionally sustained security arrange started by Governor Obiano. The two endeavors, first being that of Ifeanyichukwu Motors, were unsuccessful prompting demise of the suspects.

The police are said to have found their arms store and are on the inquiry to pick the injured group part accepted to lie dead some place in the hedge.

The police has likewise captured an Okada man with a privately made gun who had some expertise in gathering Ransom for the criminals.

Anambra State is broadly known as the most secure state in Nigeria and a No Go Area for any type of Crime!

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