Sunday, 30 April 2017

See the Reasons Rita Dominic gave for Being Single

During a recent interview with new magazine, Schick, owned by Dr Sid's better half, Simi Esiri, various honor winning on-screen character Rita Dominic, 41, uncovered when inquired as to why she was as yet single that she could have been hitched quite a while prior, however things didn't work out with the individual.

"I believe that God is in charge of my life and will present the right man to me at the right time,” she said.
Asked whether social pressure to settle down get to her, Rita replied,
"I am a human being and I would be lying to say that it doesn’t sometimes. More so because it’s something I sincerely want to do but the feeling passes when I remember that society will not live with the person. I will live with the man, so it is very important that I do it because I want to, not because society wants it for me.”
Speaking about s.ex and if it gets better with age, Rita said;

"If you ordinarily don’t enjoy it, age won’t make a difference. I find that when a woman embraces her sexuality, many Nigerians equate it to being Ashewo , as if we should act like s.ex is not pleasurable,”
Speaking about dating, Rita said she dates when someone special comes around but finds it generally as a nightmare

"especially in this days of social media where with one click you are all over the internet.”
She also admits that she loves being in a relationship;

"I love being totally drawn to someone and doing all those loving things couples do, but I am also wary of liars and bullies"

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