Monday, 3 April 2017

Is Amber Rose Now Dating French Montana? Details will Shock you

Amber Rose and French Montana were seen celebrating together in Los Angeles on Saturday and Amber transferred a depiction of them together. Not long after her photograph went up, her supporters started to think about whether this implied they were both in a sentimental relationship.

A few devotees remarked that Amber and French make an extraordinary couple while some pointed out that she was dating Khloe's ex, who she freely dropped out with at some point previously.

Golden and French have constantly kept up that they are dear companions and nothing more and TMZ revealed in 2014 that Amber was dating French's sibling, Zack however she held it under wraps in light of the fact that at the time she was amidst a care fight with her ex.

Amber and French spoke about the rumours. She recalled:
"The next day it was just all over the Internet that we’re boyfriend girlfriend. It’s like, you can’t even hang with somebody, like, in Hollywood and it’s like all of a sudden are f***ing.'"
In reply, French said to Amber: "You’re like my psychiatrist – I always come to you when I have problems."

She added: "We literally – can I say that we’ve cried together before?"

French Montana responded with a laugh: "She cried, I can’t cry."

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