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10 Amazing Steps on How to Get a Guy to Love you in Few Days

Do you think this is possible? Do you think you can actually make that guy fall in love with you in few days? Yes it is possible and it has worked out for so many ladies who followed the steps I will be giving in this article.

This article is especially dedicated to the female folks. In this article, we will be learning 10 amazing steps on how to get a guy to love you in few days. These are very easy steps to follow which have been tested and proven.

The sort of society we get ourselves today, is a general public is that pride has turned into the request of the day. Such a variety of women think that its hard to approach a person and reveal to them their emotions. They feel by so doing, the guy might need to utilize that as favorable position and ride on them which will later prompt their dumping.

This is in reality consistent with some degree, in light of the fact that most folks don't genuinely welcome any lady that strolls straight to them and express their emotions toward them.

Presently the question is how would I as a woman get a person I have constantly respected to love me? The responses to this inquiries are as of now before you. All you simply need to do, is to take after the standards and guidelines to accomplishing your objectives.

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This is a direct instructional exercise for the women that will make them have their regard as women and not fall prey to any person that is quite recently prepared to utilize and dump them.

Getting a guy to love you in few days means you need to work extra fast, not be afraid to make the first move, and get yourself noticed in a significant way.

Do you have the power of seduction as a lady, do you always run after a guy who does not even notice you, is your seductive trap worthy enough to get you your admirers?

You may be thinking it is a difficult task. Yes it is but it is not impossible. it only requires you to be a good strategist and opportunity maximize. Do not worry we are together in this, that is why is here for you.

Top 10 Amazing Steps on How to Get a Guy to Love You in Few Days

1. Dress to Impress and Look the Part

In this particular part of your strategy, you need to dress your best and dress cool. Keep a good balance between casual and formal, bombshell and girl-next-door, absolutely stunning and subtly sexy.

 Don't be afraid to take chances with your style, but above all, be sure that what you're wearing is the best possible outfit.

  • If you feel like getting that extra top or those one pair of jeans will set you over the top, go for it. It's okay to reward yourself, especially if it makes you feel good.
  • If you have a sense of what type of girl he likes, try to dress the part. Don't be anyone you're not, but try to incorporate elements of that style into your wardrobe.
2. Be Clean at All Times

Be clean smart and always look nice, because this is one of the virtue that will attract the guy to you. Make sure you smell good by taking a shower at a good time every day. If you can't take a shower for whatever reason, give the smelly parts of your body, especially your underarms, a mini bath by lathering up with soap and rinsing with a bit of water.

  • Make sure your hair isn't greasy. Greasy hair, for the most part, is not attractive. If you have very oily skin, you may need to shampoo your hair every two days (or every day if it's really bad).
3. Pay attention to how your face and your looks.

Your face is the first and your appearance are the first parts anybody will see. make sure you have a nice hair on tour head. So you need to pay attention to this areas. Your face is a big part of what will attract him to you, so make sure that it looks as pretty as possible. There aren't any big changes that you can make in 10 days, but definitely focus on:

  • Eliminating pimples and acne. If you have breakouts, wash your face twice a day, moisturize after each wash, eat healthy, and use acne-busting products.
  • Use minimal makeup to cover up blemishes or imperfections. Guys like girls with natural looks, so don't cake the makeup on. Use it sparingly but effectively.
  • Get your facial hair under control, if necessary. If your eyebrows are shaggy, consider getting them sculpted. If you have visible hair on your lip, consider removing it.
  • Make your lips look luscious and kissable. A small amount of lip balm and lip gloss could send your lips into unstoppable kissable territory.
4. Make Contact and Flirt

This section requires you you get noticed. You need to make the guy notice you with the kind of actions you carry out. You need to make an impression, and you need to make it fast. Get your best outfit together, do your hair, makeup, and nails, and figure out a way to get introduced to him or make him notice you on your own. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Accidentally bump into him or just bump shoulders. Perhaps you can pretend that you're rushing somewhere and accidentally bump up against him. When your eyes meet, introduce yourself.
  2. Ask a friend to introduce you. Have your friend talk to the guy. Have her play matchmaker, except don't let it be obvious.
  3. Go up to him yourself and engage him. Ask him a question about school, or pay him a compliment. Talk about an interest that you may share, or come up to him with a joke.

5. Always Smile at his Jokes and Send Body Language

Show him your wonderful smile; it will light up the room and actually make you happier. If he makes a joke, remember to laugh, even if it isn't all that funny; guys like thinking they're funny. Do the little things to send him good body language:

  • Look into his eyes when you're talking to him and when he's talking to you.
  • Face toward him with your body and keep your posture open and inviting.
  • Twirl your hair if you want him to notice it.
6. Start to break the touch barrier. 

After a few days, start hinting that you'd like to move beyond the simple friendship by using your hands to break the touch barrier. If you're trying to make a point, tap him on the hand. If you're trying to console him (perhaps as a joke), give him a reassuring back-pat. If he's very playful, you might even tickle him and get good results.

7. Start flirting with him in a variety of ways. You can pretty much flirt in three different ways:

1. Via text or the internet:

  • Send him a text saying something like: "Hey! I really enjoyed having that talk last week. Hope it can happen again soon...."
  • Or send him a text in a more joking style: "Since when do you look like a cave monster in the morning?? :-) You look like you didn't get any sleep!"

2. Via body language:

  • Twirling your hair, batting your lashes subtly, and giggling sweetly.
  • Rubbing his chest or thighs, which is very suggestive; use sparingly.

3. Via compliments:

  • Try something like: "So how often do girls attach themselves to you like magnets when you step outside?"
  • Or maybe something like: "You're really fun to talk to. Why is it that a special guy like you doesn't have a girlfriend?"

8. Go on a Date With Him

Whether you go to the movies, a bowling alley, an art museum, or a walk in the park, try to balance out two ideas: Show him that you like him, but still make him do some work. Guys like encouragement, so give him nice smiles, thank him for paying if he does, and get close to him. At the same time, guys like a little bit of a chase, so don't throw yourself onto him just quite yet. Be friendly without being totally head over heels just quite yet.

9. Wait for him to make the first move within nine days. 

Chances are that if he likes you and you've gone on a couple dates, he'll try to kiss you. (Always bring breath mints, they're a lifesaver!) If he hasn't tried to kiss you, you need to give him better signals that he should kiss you:

  • Get closer to him than you usually do. Let your face get closer to his face so that he doesn't have to move as far to kiss you.
  • Look at him longingly in his eyes. Fix his eyes with yours.
  • Lick your lips seductively. This is really easy to overdo, so don't do it very often. Once is plenty!
10. Be patient

Getting a guy in 10 days is certainly possible, but you can't rush love. Once you've got him to kiss you, you're on a good path. Love should come easy from now on, if you let it. Remember, though, that guys are a different breed from girls, and that what he wants might not be the same as what you want.

  • He might not want to rush into a relationship. He might want to casually date before committing to you.
  • He might not be as communicative as you are. He probably won't be as expressive with his feelings as you are with yours.
  • He might act macho in front of his friends. He's just trying to impress you.
  • He might not understand the idea of romance. He might need to be pushed and nudged and told how to be romantic.

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