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Winners Chapel Shiloh 2016 | From Glory to Glory - Date, Venue, Theme My Case is Different

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Winners Chapel Shiloh 2016 | From Glory to Glory - Date, Venue, Theme My Case is Different

Hope you have not forgotten so soon that Winners chapel Shiloh 2016 with the prophet theme My Case is Different will be commencing very soon. We the Updatesflow team, like we have always promised to give you a first hand information and updates around Nigeria and the world at large.

It is no longer news Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel always hold an annual convection which is usually called Shiloh. This you miss Shiloh 2015? if you did, this is another opportunity for you to tap into the anointing as God's humble servant Bishop David Oyedepo will be ministering this year Shiloh 2016.

This article is targeted at letting you know the Winners Chapel Shiloh 2016 updates, date, venue and theme or the prophetic declaration. So for you to be acquainted with full dose of Shiloh 2016, you can see some of the search terms here; Shiloh 2016, Shiloh 2016 date, Shiloh 2016 from Glory to Glory, Shiloh 2016 venue, Shiloh 2016 theme or prophetic declaration, My Case is Different, Shiloh 2016 - 2017 prophetic declaration.

What is Shiloh All About

Shiloh is a worldwide programme that involves the congregation of saints from different countries coming together to worship, praise, thank god and have themselves liberated form every captivity they are going through. Shiloh is a prophetic programme organised by the Living Faith Church aka Winners  chapel. it is an annual programme which means it occurs once a year. 

Shiloh is opened for both member and non-members of winners chapel world wide. Worshipers from different countries congregate in Nigeria precisely at Canaan land, Ota in Ogun State. Where they praise God and lift him high in worship and thanksgiving.

From record, Shiloh 2016 will be the 18th Shiloh organized by Winners Chapel, where Go's anointed and humble servant Bishop David Oyedepo will be ministering breakthrough and releasing the unction of the Holyghost on everybody.

Are you already thinking of participating in this life changing event, you are already on the right track. All you have to do, is to continue reading to know the date and the activity line up for the programme. As for me, I will not let this year's blessing of Shiloh 2016 to pass me by because My Case is Different.

Did you know you can actually participate and also partake form Shiloh 2016 blessing without going to Canaan land? yes you can because the life transforming programme will be telecast live by Faith tabernacle.

Shiloh 2016 - 2017 prophetic Declaration | Theme

The prophetic declaration of Shiloh 2016 has been released by God's anointed servant Bishop David Oyedepo. The theme for Shiloh 2016 is "My Case is Different." You might to know the Bible portion from which the prophetic theme was culled from. You can read Gen 45:15-27.

Shiloh 2016 Venue

Like it has always been, for now the venue still remains Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel) headquarter Canaan Land, Ota, Ogun State Nigeria.

Shiloh 2016 Date

Shiloh 2016 has been scheduled to kick off from 6th December - 10th December 2016.

Lets See Past Shiloh Prophetic Declarations and the Response that Follows

Shiloh 2014 : Heaven on Earth
Response: Wonders without end.

Shiloh 2015: From Glory to Glory
Response: That is my new name and that is where am going.

And here comes the latest;

Shiloh 2016: My case is different
Response: .........

Watch out for response.

We are here to always give you that update you need.

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